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    Secret Play Watermelon Explosive kiss

    Secret Play Watermelon Explosive kiss



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    Don't know how to renew oral sex and think you've tried everything?

    These Popping Candies that explode in your mouth will convince you that there is more to live with your partner. Bring the magic to your mouth and surprise yourself and your partner with a new addictive sensation: small candies that explode on your tongue and bring pleasant, unexpected explosions.

    Just pop some candies in your mouth to start enjoying their seductive effect. Add an element of surprise to oral sex and get ready to be seduced for life!

    In addition, you can use them in many creative ways: Pour some on your chest or any erogenous zone and invite your partner to enjoy the sound and effect in his mouth.

    You can also use them in the bathroom. Fill the tub with water at the right temperature and drop one of the exploding candies, enter the water with your partner and feel the effect of the exploding candy.

    How does it work: Popping candies have tiny bubbles of CO2 trapped in the candies. These bubbles are released when they come in contact with your saliva, and that's when you get that fun, unexpected and spectacular explosion sensation.

    Get ready to get addicted!

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